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NUVOLA ™ Pro Skin - Matt Black

Deep cleansing Area

Finest, softest Touch-Point for deep cleaning removes 99.5% of dirt and oil *, makeup residue and oil *, makeup residue and dead skin cells. This facial cleansing mode channels the sonic pulsations to provide a much deeper clean than hand washing, enhancing the absorption of your favorite skincare products and unclogging pores; allowing it to breathe naturally.

Power / Modality in your hands

Control all the technology in NUVOLA ™ Pro Skin with a single finger. Manage 12 pulsation intensities and you decide when to switch between Cleansing Mode or Anti-Aging Mode. It doesn't get any easier than that!


NUVOLA ™ Pro Skin's outer surface is made of Food grade silicone for maximum safety, health softness in contact with our skin and durability over time! NUVOLA ™ Pro Skin includes 2 different Touch-Points each with a brush that adapts to normal, combination, sensitive or oily skin types with strategic graduation of Touch-Points from thinner to thicker that cleanse the skin evenly or strongly, depending on your needs.

T-zone precise cleansing Area

Precision Touch-Point to reach the most difficult the most difficult areas of the face ensuring a precise cleaning and exfoliation of the skin thanks 9,000 pulsations per minute.

Reliving and Firming Area

In Anti-Aging mode, NUVOLA ™ Pro Skin works by gently directing low frequency pulsations on wrinkle-prone areas to help diminish the visible signs of aging. Regular use not only promises a fresher, brighter complexion from the start, it also lays the foundation for younger, healthier-looking skin.


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