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The package contains your NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN, a power cord of the wireless base, the wireless charging base and the instruction manual.

After each recharge you can use your NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN for 130 uses, for an estimated continuous duration of 2 hours with a 70% recharge and 3 hours with a 100% recharge.

NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN is IPX7 certified and therefore waterproof up to 1 meter deep. So you can use it in total safety in the shower or in a bathtub, in all those moments to guarantee your relaxation in total safety.

The NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN has been designed with the highest safety standards also with regard to the materials used, in fact the entire outer casing is in ultra-soft food-grade silicone to ensure the best cleaning of the product after treatment, to avoid possible allergic reactions cutaneous in respect of your skin; you might as well bite it ☺!

Of course yes, the shape we gave it with the ultra soft silicone bristles allow you to reach the most difficult areas such as the eye contour, nose, mouth, neck easily and delicately so as to reduce dark circles, wrinkles, redness. and bacteria that would be difficult to get there with a normal hand wash.

Anyone suffering from a severe skin condition is advised to consult their dermatologist before using the device.

It is recommended to remove make-up before the treatment, to ensure a more effective skin cleansing.

Wash the brush surfaces using soap and water and rinse with warm clean water and then pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. The device is recommended to air dry.

Of course yes, the combination with beauty products and NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN amplifies the result.

You can use any facial cleanser with the NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN however to keep your device in optimal condition avoid using silicone based, clay or grainy cleaners as they could damage the silicone spatulas. NUVOLA ™ PRO SKIN also needs your care ♥.